Things to Do Before the Carpet Cleaners Arrive

You’re feeling excited that finally, your carpet cleaning woes will soon be answered by your chosen carpet cleaners. All of the dirt that have piled up since you started using will soon be vacuumed. We can already feel your smile even if the real work has yet to start. Continue that positive disposition by performing pre-carpet cleaning tasks when you hire carpet cleaners. This is an etiquette to be followed by clienteles of carpet cleaning services. Not only it will expedite the cleaning time of these providers, but also, performing pre-carpet procedures will help validate your label as a cooperative client. Most often than not, clients who have this label get to receive quick response from carpet cleaning providers.  

Take part in the cleaning of your carpet by doing these suggested pre-carpet cleaning tasks

  • Do a pre-cleaning inspection of carpet stains. Give thorough look of your carpet. Take pictures of all carpet stains, and if possible, show them to the cleaners and tell them why the staining happened. Carpet cleaners are trained in spotting. They can give assessment to these spots and more importantly, they can come up with appropriate recommendations. 

One of the most common stain is animal urine. The treatment could be unique with this one. Have this addressed to your carpet cleaners. There might be a tendency of replacing the carpets should the urine be that heavy to clean.

  • Do safekeep breakable items like vases, tabletop lamps, and furniture with breakables. Liability insurance of carpet cleaners’ insist on not handling and moving them.  
  • Do relocate small furniture like ottomans, small tables, and dining chairs from the parts you plan to clean. It might be true that your technician would be willing to help to carry them at no extra charge, but it would be time-efficient if you have already transferred them. This gives way to the cleaners to perform thorough cleaning (this is what they’re called to do in the first place). 
  • Do remove personal items like documents and important files. Cleaners might consider them as trash and will decide to dispose them away.  
  • Do make arrangements for your pets prior to the carpet cleaners’ arrival. Transfer them to a secured area. Pets tend to be rowdy in times of carpet cleaning due to the sound of the equipment, so might as well move them to area where they can be active with all their might. The cleaners will take no responsibility if the pets will get loose.  
  • Do secure floor length draperies by using hangers. Anticipate that the carpet will be damp in the process. So, it is advised to prevent your curtains and draperies from any contact with the newly-cleaned carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning services are blessings to homeowners everywhere. It is just right to respond their good service with good manners. The professionalism you have showed will leave a mark to the carpet cleaners. In effect, they will clean with an honest work. They will let you feel that you deserve a nice and clean carpet for your humble abode.

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